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Exterior Painting

Can-Ork Pro Painting takes extreme care in the preparation of exterior house painting. We take the time to consider  the best product for each job, as we individualize each job to the customer's needs.

All mold and mildew is treated before washing or pressure washing then aggressively sand and scrape all necessary areas. All sanded areas are feathered out to reduce any possibility of over coating adhesion (bubbles) or weakness in the sub structure before applying oil primer. All filling is done with exterior filling and primed by hand. Our painters will caulk all necessary gaps – especially areas where water can seep in and cause rot.

Once all the preparation is completed, all plants, walk ways, cars, windows and doors are covered with plastic poly sheeting or drop sheets. We plan out our painting procedure to avoid painting in direct sunlight thereby reducing the chances of any blistering or peeling in the future. This tradition of preparation and painting illustrates Can-Ork Pro Painting’s proud history of producing and delivering top quality finishes.

If requested, we also provide colour assistance at no additional charge.


Interior Painting
Can-Ork Pro Painting provides the highest standard and skill in preparation and painting for interior paint work. We take great pride in our work ethic and concentrate on offering you the highest standards of finishing drawn from European painting expertise.

Prior to commencing any work, all items are covered in new plastic sheeting (Poly), and all floors are protected with poly and drop sheets. Walls, ceilings and all wood work are primed, filled and sanded where needed. Any uneven surfaces are sanded out or “mudded”. All prepared areas are dusted, vacuumed and caulked. Dust control is extremely important in the work place in to avoid any contamination within the house or on the finished product.

Once all surfaces are ready for painting, the colours, products and brands are purchased. All surfaces will receive a minimum of two coats of paint. Pole sanding is applied between each coat of paint.

When requested, we also provide aid with colour selection at no additional charge.

Carpentry services include repairing/fixing and installing of both interior & exterior trim on both Residential & Commercial buildings. Drywall repairs are also provided.
                  Pressure Washing

Can-Ork Pro Painting provides Pressure Washing Services for both Residential and Commercial buildings. These include sidewalks, patios, walls, underground parkades, and others .

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